Getting Traffic, and Potential Buyers doesn't have to be so difficult. Over the next few weeks, I'll be publishing Growth Marketing Tactics, Strategies and Ideas on Traffic Acquisition & Lead Generation.

I wanted to open up with over 100 ways you can start increasing your Website Traffic Today.

So we will start off with some easy traffic acquisition that you can get started with in a few minutes, and see pretty much instant spikes of traffic.

Social Shares

  1. Share on Facebook
  2. Share on Twitter
  3. Share on Reddit
  4. Share on Pinterest
  5. Share on Tumblr
  6. Share in Facebook Groups
  7. Share on Instagram
  8. Share on LinkedIn
  9. Share in LinkedIn Groups
  10. Share  on Snapchat
  11. Share on Hacker News
  12. Share on Indie Hackers
  13. Share Instagram Story
  14. Share on Growth Hackers


  1. Link to Website in Instagram Bio
  2. Link to Website in Twitter Bio
  3. Link to website in Github Profile
  4. Link to Website in LinkedIn Profile
  5. Link to Website on Skype
  6. Link to Website on Facebook Page
  7. Link to Website on Tumblr

Republish Content

  1. Publish Blog Posts on Medium
  2. Publish Blog Posts on SlideShare
  3. Publish Blog Posts on Youtube (Lumen5)
  4. Publish Blog Posts on LinkedIn

Comment Marketing

  1. Comment on high-ranking blog posts
  2. Participate in Forums in your niche
  3. Post in Slack Groups
  4. Post in Yahoo Groups
  5. Comment on youtube Videos

Content Marketing

  1. Create Infographics
  2. Appear on Podcasts
  3. Create a Podcast
  4. Create YouTube Content
  5. Review Companies & Products
  6. Comment on Medium Posts
  7. Create an eBook
  8. Release eBook on Amazon and other Publishing Sites
  9. Udemy Course
  10. Create a Wikipedia Page
  11. Publish Awards
  12. Start a Podcast
  13. Ask your Reader to Share

Marketing Tools

  1. Install Notifia Social Share Bar
  2. Install Notifia Click to Tweet
  3. Install Notifia Content Locker
  4. Be Interviewed

Community Marketing

  1. Submit to Community Sites
  2. Submit to Product Hunt
  3. Reddit Comment Marketing
  4. Answer quora Questions
  5. Comment on Disqus Blogs
  6. Create a Forum on your Site

Social Media Marketing

  1. LinkedIn Automation
  2. Twitter Automation
  3. Instagram Automation
  4. Use Missinglettr Content Sharing

Email Marketing

  1. Cold Email Outreach
  2. Marketing to your Email List
  3. Grow your Email List
  4. Buy a Newsletter
  5. Discount Code to Non-Converted Customers


  1. Interview Influencers
  2. Run a Giveaway


  1. Guest Post on relevant sites
  2. Optimise Content for Ranking

Platform Marketing

  1. Mobile App
  2. Shopify App
  3. Magento App
  4. Wordpress App
  5. Bigcommerce App
  6. WooCommerce App
  7. Prestashop App
  8. Stripe Integration
  9. Zapier Integration
  10. Segment Integration
  11. Make a Chrome Extension
  12. Sell on Marketplaces
  13. Quuu Promote
  14. Run Free Promo on Deals site
  15. Submit to Aggregators
  1. Yahoo Ads
  2. Retargeting Ads
  3. Youtube Ads
  4. Mobile Ads
  5. Ads on Niche Sites
  6. Twitter Ads
  7. LinkedIn Ads
  8. FaceBook Ads
  9. Google Search Ads
  10. Google Display Ads
  11. Gmail Ads
  12. Pinterest Ads
  13. Stumbleupon Ads
  14. Reddit Ads
  15. Instagram Ads
  16. Bing Ads


  1. Create Laptop Stickers
  2. Get some Engraved Sandals with your Website and Walk on the Beach