Website Plugins are an effective, powerful tool for Increasing Leads, Sales, Supporting Users, Increasing Revenue per Visitor, Capturing Visitor Feedback, Displaying Cookie/Privacy Notices, Live Chat and Increasing Customer Referrals.

These are all excellent tools for growing a startup, however having multiple website plugins to cover each of these unique areas is not the best route to go, having multiple website subscriptions can get expensive pretty fast, and speaking of fast, using multiple plugins loading a variety of scripts is going to impact your website performance, not to mention the painful process of implementing multiple tools and learning how to use them effectively.

Because of this, we started building a solution offering an 'All-in-One' Website Feedback Solution, that's free to use and our goal is to empower 1 Million Websites with Honest, Powerful Marketing Tools.

Our tools are designed to maximise Growth, and are split into 6 key marketing categories - Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referrals.


Our Acquisition Kits are designed to maximise the number of website visitors who turn into Signus, Sales & Opt-Ins. We build a mix of Conversion Rate Optimisation tools, Social Proof & Trust Widgets and simply, but effective Call to Action cards to drive traffic.

Conversion Feed

Conversion Feed delivers a feed of real-time activity on your website. The Notifia Pixel can track Sales, Signups, Opt-Ins, or your can send Data to us using Webhooks & Zapier.

Social Proof is a powerful Marketing Principal to increase sales, leads and opt-ins. It's our most popular Marketing Widget as it's so effective at building trust and increasing conversions.

Example of Social Proof Marketing 

Interested to learn more about Social Proof? Here's a complete in-depth article on Social Proof Marketing

Email Collection

Growing an eMail List is the most valuable way for a business to collect leads. To date, emails have a greater ROI than PPC, Social Media and SEO - which is why you want to be adding fresh leads to your mailing list everyday.

To help you achieve this, we built email collection (Don't worry, the colours are fully-customisable). This widget can be triggered on Exit Intent, Scroll % or Visitor Time on Page.

This is a great addition to your landing page, checkout page and blog to capture leads for Email Marketing.

Conversion Summary

Next up, we have the Conversion Summary! Another addition to our 'Social Proof' tools - Conversion Summary logs the total number of Actions taken on your site over a 7 day period, and display this back to new visitors as real-time Social Proof.

Call to Action Card

A Call to Action Card is an excellent way to drive visitors to specific parts of your website; perhaps your latest blog post, new feature/product launch, or even driving traffic to third-party sites such as a Webinar Registration, Social Media Profile or Youtube Video.

We use Call to Action Cards for feature announcements, and driving traffic from our Blog to our Signup Page - Simple, but very effective.

Click to Call

Looking to acquire more telephone leads for your sales team? Look no further! Click to Call is a widget that allows users submit a contact number, which can be forwarded straight to your sales team or added to your CRM.

We've seen click to call implemented effectively with Agencies, Realtors, Dentists & Healthcare Companies, Law Firms and Recruitment Agencies!

Full-Screen Email Collection

Full-Screen Email Collection is a variation of the more 'subtle' email collection widget. This tool will execute a full-screen takeover, to ensure you're grabbing the visitors attention. Just be sure to have an enticing offer, to maximise the numbers of submissions you receive.

Colors are fully customisable, and you can even upload custom background images!


So, that's acquisition covered, now we need to activate your users which is where the next stage of the funnel comes in - Activation. These tools are designed with Communication, On-boarding and Engagement in mind.

Engagement Hub

One of the most recent additions to the Notifia Toolkit: The Engagement Hub. This is a Hub of all the information your visitors may need.

We link out to explainer videos, product roadmaps, provide contact information, link to our social profiles and help users become more successful with our products by delivering the information they need, as clearly as possible.

Want to learn more about the Engagement Hub? Learn More about Engagement Hub

Website Notification

Website Announcement widget, display sales, low stock warnings, and make on-site announcements. For example, we used this previously when having Server Issues, rather than sending out emails and making everyone aware of the problem - we simply make the announcement on our website, to website visitors who are being affected, helping us contain the issue & keeping our users updated.

Automated Messages

Automated Messages are a great tool for communicating with your visitors and educating them how to get started, and be successful with your product.

An excellent tool for onboarding users, explaining new features and engaging with your website visitors.  

Coupon Code Popup

Coupon Code popup is a Coupon Deliver system, you can display promotions and significantly reduce checkout abandonment by using our 'Exit Intent' Triggers. When a user exits during your checkout flow without completing a purchase, you can offer them a Discount Code, or perhaps a Free Shipping Coupon to entice them to complete the purchase.


Our Referral Marketing Widgets are designed to Increase Traffic, and allow your existing customers and users to invite friends to your website.

Social Share Card

Social Share Card is a pop-up requesting your website visitors to share your website. This receives a higher share rate for us than Social Share bar, we trigger on 70% page scroll, when we know a user is engages with an article and request a share.

Click to Tweet

Awesome tool! Embed a Click to Tweet widget in your blog posts, this works best with Quotes, Facts and Statistics. When a user clicks, this will open a link in Twitter, with pre-populated text allowing them to share in 1 click, and drive traffic back to your article.

Social Share Bar

Social Share Bar is the common Social Share Widget we see across thousands of Blog Posts & Websites. This makes it simple and easy for users to share your website in a matter of seconds - great for increasing traffic and SEO.

Content Locker Widget

Content Lockers are pop-ups that lock Premium Content - perhaps an eBook, Research or Case Study that has a lot of value to the user - rather than having them pay to access, we can embed virality into our app by requesting the user to 'Share the Content' in order for the pop-up to disappear.

Want to learn more about Content Lockers? Here's a complete article on Content Locker Marketing


Whilst most people believe Feedback isn't directly related to Growth, it really is. I've been involved in Growth Marketing for years, and there's nothing, and I do mean nothing more powerful than truly understanding your users frustrations & pain points allowing you to build a better product for your audience.

Exit Intent Surveys

Exit Intent Surveys are my personal favourite tool to date, using this you can uncover valuable insights into why your customers aren't converting, what reservations they have and this allows you to build optimisations around these concerns that you uncover.

Using this tool alone, I was able to double our Landing Page Conversion Rate (and i've now tripled it) in less than 7 days. You can read more about how I managed this here: Using Exit Intent Surveys

Emoji Feedback

Fun & engaging feedback tool to receive either Product or Design feedback. User selects the Emoji that applies, then we display a small box allowing them to submit more info, and explain why they felt this way - there's also an option to submit an email so you can follow up with them after.

Finally, the Cookie Notification - this isn't related to Growth whatsoever - but it saves you installing another website plugin to display this notification, which will lead to better Website Speed, which is proven to influence conversion rates.

So how can you get all these widgets? Well the great news is, they're all available for Free! Visit - you can then create a free account, install the Notifia Pixel and setup a campaign in less than 60 seconds!