We’ve been working harder than every, and I wanted to give some behind the scenes updates of Notifia!

So, our biggest update has been on our backend architecture. We’ve spent weeks cleaning our code-base and optimising our structure to deliver faster script load-times and help us handle the millions of API requests we receive every month.

The Notifia Pixel now loads in 92ms, a 33% reduction in load-times on your website. On top of that we’ve made a number of technical improvements to improve security of our databases and platform as a whole.

Product Updates

We have also received a number of requests to allow filtering of Mobile Devices in your campaign. This is now available for all of our widgets.

We’ve also fixed hundreds (literally hundreds) of minor bug reports within the app helping to build a more functional and well rounded product for all of our users.

Upcoming Features

Now, for the big announcement! This is a tool that I’ve wanted to release for a very, very long time. Having founded over 13 subscription companies, I know that Customer Churn is the #1 killer for any subscription product.

We’ve spent weeks designing what will soon be one of the most powerful tools in the Notifia Toolkit. Subscription Off-boarding.

Essentially, what this means is whenever a customer attempts to cancel there description. They will be displayed a page, gathering feedback on why they wish to cancel (this gives great insights on what you can improve) but the widget will also deliver targeted offers, to help you retain customers.

Cancellation Popup

Here is a preview of the initial pop-up where a user selects the reason for cancelling the subscription

Then, based on the customers response you will be able to deliver a customised offer to combat the visitors objections. In this example below, if a customer chooses the option ‘it’s too expensive’ we can counter this by offering a discount on the subscription.

This can be applied to any number of scenarios, such as they couldn’t get started with the product, we can offer a product demo and so on.

Hopefully, this will save the customer from cancelling. However, if they continue with the cancellation, we can add a number of other hurdles such as reminding them of the benefits of keeping the subscription with you, and what they will be missing out on.

and finally, if they really choose to go ahead with the cancellation, at least you have collected targeted feedback on where you can focus your product development efforts to increase your customer retention!

I hope you’re as excited for this as I am! I’ve seen similar tools have a 50% reduction in customer churn in the past, and we will be rolling out even more complex features for this widget to help you retain more customers and grow your business.

That’s all from me, have a great weekend and happy Marketing!