YouTube is a massively underutilised platforms for Content, and Lead Generation. In general, you’ll see far less competition for keywords because most people are to lazy to create a video, compared to a blog post.

Even with a small audience of 1,000 subscribers, I consistently rank in position 1-3, on extremely valuable search terms related to our Marketing - and this would take months to achieve on Google!

Let's make sure your content is fully optimised for lead collection so we can ensure you're seeing a maximum return for the time you invested in creating great content.

Optimising YouTube Content

On your Lead Generation page, offer the viewer a piece of premium content in exchange for their email address. The trick with this is to make the content you are giving away as closely related to your video as possible.

Example: You've made a video on how to improve Conversion Rates on your Website; you may want to offer a Free Conversion Rate Optimisation eBook or Checklist which can be downloaded from your site.

In the first line of your description lets add "Download your 100% Free Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist from - this is guaranteed to add emails to your list.

Youtube Annotations

Next up, let's add a YouTube Annotation to the video which then appears on the side of the video also offering the same Checklist with a link to the same site.

Now whenever someone watches your videos, Youtube displays a small message inviting the viewer to download your premium content in exchange or their email. Even on a small scale, this brings in steady and consistent leads; you should optimise all of your videos to collect leads.

Final Tips

Keep your premium content extremely relevant to your videos to maximise conversion rates.