Content Marketing

Let's say that you've just posted a great article, case study, research or an eBook. You've got valuable information, that you want to share.

As this is a premium level content, and not just another 'Blog Post' we can mark this as Premium Content and ask the user to Share the Pot in order to be able to view the content.

or perhaps, when a user views 5 articles, we could ask for a share in order to keep viewing.

This is a great way to build virality into your content.

Product Virality

Another great way to utilise Content Lockers, is to build this into your actual application/service.

  • Giveaway something for Free in Exchange for a Share
  • When a user reaches a usage limit, ask them for a share to continue using your service
  • When you release a new feature, you could 'Lock' the feature and provide Beta Access to users who share this content on Social Media

These are just a few simple, but effective ways to Increase Website Traffic with Content Lockers.