What is a Content Locker?

A Content Lockers is a pop-up that cannot be closed unless a user performs a desired action on your website. It's used to lock Premium Articles, Specific Features, eBooks, Guides and almost anything else.

The user could provide an eMail, or be asked to Share on Social Media in order for the Content Locker to disappear, this is a powerful tool that adds vitality to your app.

Content Locker Widget

In the example above, we have a Content Locker in action - limiting usage to the app, after the user has performed a specific number of actions, they ask for a share on Social Media to continue using the app for free!

This is an extremely effective way of building a Virality Engine directly into your website. We've also see similar example utilised by Dropbox.com - rather than using a Content Locker pop-up, they simply limited usage in a Free Plan, and if you referred a friend to the platform, you would unlock further storage space.

This helped dropbox go from 400,000 users to 4,000,000 in 18 months - not bad for a Content Locker ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to use Content Lockers?

It's important to use Content Lockers effectively, and this is an art in itself. You don't want Content Lockers all over your website, it takes away from the User Experience which will actually cause more harm than good!

Instead, use Content Lockers sparingly, and strategically on areas of your website that deliver the most value!

For example, at Notifia we could write up an article on 'The Growth Hacking Playbook: 100 Days of Growth Hacking' this type of post is going to contain some pretty juicy information, and people will be motivated to read an article such as this, as it's what we would call 'Premium Level Content' - in fact, we could probably charge to view this article, but instead, we will just ask for a Social Share.

an even better strategy, could be to say '$19 or Free When you Share on Facebook' this way, the user is going to see even more value as by simply clicking to share on Facebook they'll be saving close to $20.

Another way we frequently see content lockers being used, is in exchange for an email!

Here's an example of an Email Content Locker in action - a Free Book by Steli Efti & Hiten Shah, 2 Influencers in the SaaS Space.

This is a great example of a Content Locker, it clearly outlines it's Free, they clearly display the value in the content and what you will receive, and even better than that, it almost doesn't even feel like a content locker when you're passing over your email address, it almost feels natural that they would send it to your email.

If you can replicate something like this internally in your Business, you can expect to see a strong, consistent number of Emails signing up through your Content Locker.

However, it doesn't stop there. Content Lockers can also be used as a Referral Marketing Tool. Hotjar (Full Disclosure, I used to work for Hotjar) used Content Lockers to gather Customer Referrals by restricting access unless you referred 5 friends - Hotjar did this before it became a mainstream growth practice, and the results were explosive achieving over 60,000 beta signups.

To get people to convert within your Content Locker you need to make sure you have an offer that provides enough motivation for your user to convert and take desired action, if you master this - you'll see consistent leads, increased traffic and more sales through your Content Strategy.

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