Understanding your website visitors is the key to building a better product. If you can understand why website visitors are not converting, you can start to understand what’s causing friction and build a better experience for your visitors; this leads to increased sales and conversions for your business - also knows as Conversion Rate Optimization.

There are a number of tools and tactics you can use to gather feedback such as HotJar, but today I’d like to talk about my personal favourite. The Exit Intent Survey.

How we Doubled our Conversion Rate with Exit Intent Surveys

We use this on our Landing Page, Pricing Page and Signup Page (if a user attempts to exit before creating an account).

This way, we are only triggering the survey, when a user abandons (Exits) the Website without taking the desired action of creating an account or purchasing from you.

We ask seven key questions; these are the most popular objections website visitors have when purchasing. These questions are from Making Website Win by Ben Jesson & Karl Banks, a fantastic resource on Conversion Rate Optimisation, written by the best in the business.

Now, when the popup triggers, this doesn't have an incredibly high conversion rate, we were receiving around a 5% submission rate, we use a Zapier integration to put this data into a Airtable for later analysis.

Once we received 100 submissions, we then start to analyze this data. Helping us understand visitors objections, and why they aren't converting, the analysis is pretty much done for you, because your visitors are giving you the answer, but this is extremely interesting data.

Exit Intent Survey

We receiving the following submissions

  • I don't understand it (37%)
  • I need more information (32%)
  • I'm not convinced the product works (15%)
  • We will explore this in future (10%)
  • I want to think about it (5%)
  • It's too expensive (1%)

This gave us instant clarification on what to focus on to address our conversion rate. Almost 70% of our visitors state they Didn't Understand It or Needed More information, which meant we have a communication issue.

From this feedback, adjusting these objections became an immediate priority for our team, I set up A/B Tests and restructured our entire landing page, giving previews of our widgets, dashboard and analytics page. I adjusted our website text to explain as 'simply' as possible, rather than using complicated buzzwords and technical terms I used simple, easy to understand website copy.

It worked, this alone put our Free Trial Conversion rate from 1.8% to 3.6%.

What is Exit Intent?

Exit Intent is a Smart Trigger that involves tracking website visitor activity on your website. We can detect if a user goes to close the page, or change tab. Using this information, we can choose to trigger the Exit Intent Survey, before your customer abandons your website.

This way you ensure that you don't intrude on the user experience, as we are only displaying this to the user when they are attempting to abandon your site without taking action.

Exit Intent can be used for email collection, reducing checkout abandonment and bringing abandoning visitors back to your Website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the practice of optimizing your Website to maximize the number of visitors taking action on your Website. This could be to increase Sales, Leads & Opt-Ins. With Conversion Rate Optimization, we need a constant feedback loop to give us consistent feedback on where to focus our Optimization efforts to ensure we're getting the most Bang for our Buck.'

By gathering feedback from website visitors using exit-intent popups, we can start to understand our visitors and employ targeted optimizations directly from feedback we've received.

You can also collect email addresses of submissions so that you can follow up with visitors once you've made changes on your site based on the feedback and gather further input from the user. They will also appreciate that you are reactive as a startup and care about customers opinions.

With these optimizations, gathered through the website exit survey, we can understand why visitors did not complete the purchase, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and increase your conversion rate.

Using Website Exit Surveys, you can also significantly reduce your bounce rate by optimizing your website content to be more engaging to your Website visitors - delivering a better experience to your users.

Best Practices

It's essential to have a goal with your surveys, what information are you trying to uncover? Exit Intent Surveys can be used for a variety of purposes including Reducing Checkout Abandonment, Reducing Bounce Rates, Surveying Existing Users on Feature Ideas or understanding why people purchased from you.

All of these goals deliver their unique value. However, it's vital to have a goal before adding Exit Intent Surveys on your Website. To get started quickly, I would start with 'Checkout Abandonment' - this is instantly going to deliver value, as any optimizations you make will lead to an increase in conversions, which is always great! This can also help you validate the value behind exit intent surveys to other team members, your boss or external investors.

Of course, depending on your goals you would adjust the questions in the survey accordingly! We've tested this across thousands of sites, and have pre-built Exit Intent Surveys available on your Website that can be deployed in 5-minutes! You can take advantage of these for free at Notifia.io


Next up, every time you're receiving a Survey Submission, the user has an option to submit an email. You should be sure to Segment these visitors based on the feedback that you receive; you can enrol in an email sequence to combat any objections you receive, such as if a user says 'it's too expensive' send them a 25% discount coupon via Email.

Why use Exit Intent Surveys?

You may be wondering, why you would use Exit Intent Surveys over perhaps emailing a survey? Well, this is simple, you can only survey people via Email if you have collected their email address, this means they have already taken actions on your Website.

However, what about the 98% of website visitors who don't take action on your site? You have no way to contact them, so emailing surveys isn't an option. In this case, Exit Intent Surveys thrive, delivering valid reservations from website visitors - you can quickly uncover quick, simple optimizations you can make to your site to increase conversions.

Pros of Web Surveys

  • Instant feedback with useful Insights
  • Excellent Targeting to only survey users performing specific actions
  • Very Easy Setup
  • higher Response rate than Email
  • free to use
  • non-obtrusive

Cons of Web Surveys

  • You need to make sure you're targeting correctly.
  • Need access to Website to set up initially

So there you go! A complete breakdown of Exit Intent Surveys and Gathering Feedback from your users! Now, you can start working on increasing those conversions rates and maximizing return on investment across all of your marketing channels.

Ready to get started with Exit Intent Surveys for Free? You can visit us at Notifia.io