Build a Google Chrome Extension

  • Created : 19th June 2018
  • Last Updated: 19th June 2018

Build a Chrome Extension

A great way to acquire users is by simply building a Google Chrome Extension that users can add to Google Chrome via the

The chrome web store is available to all users of Google Chrome, seeing as Chrome now has over 1 billion active users (yes, you did read that right) this is a huge pool of potential customers. Not too mention, the Chrome Web Store has FAR less competition than searches on Google and it’s very easy to rank for what would usually be very high competition keywords such as β€œSEO”, β€œInstagram” and β€œDigital Marketing”.

Now you may think this is a very large task creating a chrome extension but you can actually have a very basic extension up and running in under 5 minutes with 0 coding ability.

The most simple version is to build a chrome extension so that when clicked it simply redirects to your site. The extension itself has no functionality other than redirecting.

This is not really approved by Google, and if you want to receive consistent traffic from the Chrome Web Store without having your app taken down you should consult a developer and have a very basic chrome extension built which will cost $100-300 usually.

I would highly recommend all web apps to build a chrome extension as it’s incredibly easy to achieve 10,000+ installs for high competition keywords.

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