How to Grow your LinkedIn Network

  • Created : 10th July 2018
  • Last Updated: 10th July 2018

Assuming you know (or have a rough idea of the job title) of your target audience, you can easily utilise LinkedIn.

For Notifia, I’ll put in “Growth Hacker” under LinkedIn Job titles and simply connect with everyone who matches the search term.

Once that’s done I can also do “Entrepreneur” OR “Digital Marketing” OR “Marketer” OR “SaaS” OR “Founder” OR “Business owner” etc.

This is a great way to build a Network I learnt from my days in Recruitment where I grew my LinkedIn account to over 59,000 connections.

If you need a more specific niche, LinkedIn is perfect for this too. For those of you who don’t understand Boolean Search, here is a quick example of how I would find a Software Developer working in a startup (most likely) who has experience with the Notifia tech stack and has worked in SaaS.

— Job Titles—

(“Software Developer” OR “Software Engineer” OR “Platform Engineer” OR “JavaScript Developer” OR “JavaScript Engineer” OR “Full-Stack” OR “FS” OR “Full Stack”)


— Back End Tech —

(“Node.js” OR “Node js” OR “nodejs”)


— Front End Tech —



— Our Database —

(“MongoDB” OR “NoSQL”)


— Scalability is something Notifia deals with, so I would search for people who’ve dealt with similar problems in the past —

(“Scale” OR “scalability” OR “high traffic” OR “high load” OR “requests per second”)


— Our Industry —


Then I would set the company size to “1-10” and this is most likely a start up, or you can add start up in your boolean search.

And this will narrow down over 200 million profiles on LinkedIn to show us all the people who have our desired skill set, experience dealing with scalability in SaaS companies.

So this is a search I would do for hiring a great engineer, but of course it can be applied to very specific sales. Just enter the type of keywords your target audience is likely to have listed on their profile and let LinkedIn do the work for you.

A quick tip as well, don’t send out a sales pitch in your connection messages. You’ll receive a far lower acceptance rate.

The most effective connection message I send out to this day is:

Now, people are naturally very curious about why someone is connecting with them so they tend to do 2 things. Click on my LinkedIn profile, and click on the link in my message.

We aren’t telling them to click or selling them anything whatsoever, but out of pure curiosity they will click the link and view the page. Seeing as your page is highly relevant to them (or at least it should be) you’ll often find they continue down your sign up process and you haven’t even had to send them a sales message yet.

Depending on your niche, this can be automated and scaled.

You can also follow up after with some type of introductory message that you usually would if you wish. But just don’t do it in the introductory message as you will receive very low acceptance rates.

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