Growth Hacking: Growth Channel Lifecycle

  • Created : 20th July 2018
  • Last Updated: 20th July 2018

As a Growth Hacker, your goal is to become an Architect of Growth by stacking multiple Growth Channels on top of one another.

Each Growth Channel should go through 3 stages.

Build the Growth Channel

This is the stage where you set up/implement the Growth Channel

Testing the Growth Channel

This is the stage where you are testing that you are actually receiving your desired results from the growth channel.


Assuming you are receiving positive results form the channel, you should now focus your efforts on optimising the channel and scaling out as much as possible.

Once you’ve completed the Growth Cycle for your channel, you should be on the hunt for your next channel to stack on top of your existing channels. #LifeOfAGrowthHAcker

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