Having a Face to your Business

  • Created : 19th June 2018
  • Last Updated: 19th June 2018

Face to your Business

Add some personality to your business by using a Face for your brand. Build strong customer relationships by having a face for your brand

Alex Becker does this very well creating successful Youtube Channels sharing tips for eCommerce companies which he also uses to market his products.

His customers feel more comfortable with him as they feel they have a relationship with him already and know who they are buying from. Alex has also admitted on several occasions his highest converting ads are through retargeting of his YouTube channels which proves this works very well.

It's also incredibly important to have an opinion on things, even as a business. Take a firm stance on issues in your industry and let your opinions be known. Sure, you may piss a few people off but many of your customers will also love you for it.

💡If you have a YouTube Channel, you should also run retargeting ads to your viewers

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