Improve Readability

  • Created : 1st May 2018
  • Last Updated: 31st May 2018

In Todays Growth Tactic, we are going to improve social proof by displaying any sites, magazines and publications you have been featured in.

Add a summary of all blogs, magazines, websites, papers or anywhere else your business has been featured. People often think you need to have been featured in large magazines like Forbes, Time Inc to do this but that is not the case.

Almost any form of Social Proof will help increase conversions as it improves credibility in your brand. If you haven’t been featured anywhere, you can hire freelancers to write about your brand on and you can actually buy an article on your business in Forbes for about $800. I’ve never done this, so can’t speak for results, but it would provide great credibility for your brand, as well as pretty good exposure.

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