Promote Trending Posts

  • Created : 1st May 2018
  • Last Updated: 31st May 2018

Head over to your Notifia Dashboard and set up a "Link Promotion" kit. Input the URL of the post you would like to promote.

Now, let's choose where you would like to promote this link. We recommend all blog posts that are closely related to the Blog Title as this will ensure higher Click Through Rates.

Choose a great headline choosing powerful keywords and give a brief introduction to your blog post.

Now, lets set up your Trigger. We would recommend a "Scroll on % Trigger" at around 70%, so when the user is reaching the end of their existing article, they are automatically prompted with a new piece of content to read.

This will improve SEO by reducing Bounce Rates (a major ranking factor) and increase the time the user spends on your site.

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