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  • Created : 19th June 2018
  • Last Updated: 19th June 2018

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This is a little trick that I discovered when I was targeting over 300 keywords with my Instagram Marketing Agency. Our focus was on optimising our Ad Score to 10/10 (most of them were sitting at 6 or 7) by optimising to 10/10 you can significantly reduce your CPC therefore increasing revenue.

Create a single ad group for one keyword at a time, write 3 personalised ads for each keyword. The reason we write 3 is that Google will automatically test all 3 and see which receives highest CTR, Conversion Rate and performs best for this keyword. If you wish you can write 10+ ads for your main keywords and let Google optimise these for you as it doesn’t cost you anything but could significantly reduce CPC.

Remember to use Power Words that prompt conversions.

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Another great tip is to actually build individual landing pages for each keyword that you are targeting. Of course if you are only spending about Β£10/month on a keyword it’s not worth the effort. But if you are spending Β£1k+ on a keyword it makes sense to make sure you have a landing page fully optimised for this specific keyword. When done right, this is one of the most powerful methods to influence conversions.

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Weekly Growth Hacks, Tips and Tactics sent to your Inbox

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