Twitter Growth Hacking

  • Created : 19th June 2018
  • Last Updated: 19th June 2018

Use the Twitter Follow/Unfollow Method to automate lead generation and build a targeted audience.

Here’s a free twitter follow app:

If you aren’t familiar with the Follow/Unfollow method by now I’ll give you a quick overview. We simply enter your target keyword into a script for example

Keyword: Marketing

The software then searches twitter for all Twitter profiles that contain the keyword “marketing”. The software will then automatically follow the target profile, meaning they receive a notification saying “Notifia has followed you” and out of curiosity they will often click the notification to see who is “Notifia” they will then explore your feed, tweets, maybe click on your website.

Now just doing this once/twice per day isn’t going to make a real difference but using automation we can follow up to 600 people per day, if we scale this over a few accounts this has great potential to bring in a fair amount of traffic to our site.

Then, if the user doesn’t follow back we simply unfollow them after 3-5 days as they clearly aren’t interested. The software runs 24/7 365 and is an easy way to bring in leads on Autopilot.

You can also use Auto Like: very similar to Auto Follow except it will automatically favourite tweets matching your target audience rather than following them

You can also use Auto Retweet: this will retweet anything that matches your target keyword

Or even Auto Tweet: this will send a customer Tweet to anyone who matches your target keyword.

A few things to be wary of..

  • This is Blackhat Marketing. This means it’s against Twitters ToS and can potentially get your account restricted.
  • This method can be considered spammy. Please don’t do anything unethical, this is simply a way to save some time not spam thousands of people per day.

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