Social Proof Feed

Our Social Proof Widget helps you show-off real-time activity being taken on your website such as Purchases, Signups, Email Opt-Ins and Enquiries.

We’ve been working on a new, cleaner design and format.

Social Proof Widget

Reviews Widget

Our reviews widget will automatically pull reviews from your Facebook, TrustPilot, App Store, G2 Crowd and Capterra Pages, and automatically and display these across your website to increase Trust & Conversions

eCommerce Reviews Widget

Call to Action Cards

We are huge fans of Call to Action card, they are an engaging ways to prompt visitors to take action, and push traffic across your website wether you are promoting a new product, webinar, feature, blog posts or external Social Media Profile.

Call to Action cards are a great way to engage your website visitors, and push traffic in the right direction!

Call to Action Message
Call to Action Card

Call to Action Card with Clean Design

Email Collection

Email is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook, or Twitter - McKinsey

Which shows even with all the hype and buzz around SEO, Google Ads and Facebook, sometimes the old ways still remain the best.

Our Email / Opt-In tools are designed to help you collect email addresses from anonymous Website Visitors using Exit Intent, Time on Page and Scroll Percentage Triggers to make sure you engage at the right moment.

Exit Intent Email Collection with Image

So, we’ve been working to build a complete collection of high-converting Email Opt-In templates, so you can grow your email list and acquire more Leads & Customers, here’s the result 😉

Email collection Card
Email Collection Style Variation
Email Collection Widget
Email Collection Popup
Full-Screen Email Collection Widget
Clean Email Collection Card

Promotion Card

Our Product Promotion Card is here to help you Upsell, Launch New Products and Discount Promotions.

Discount Promotion Card

Coupon Codes are a very useful tool, sometimes a little nudge of Free Shipping, or 10% of an order can be the difference between a Sale and abandoning a checkout.

With our Smart Triggers, you can fight checkout abandonment with Exit Intent Triggers to only display discounts to users abandoning your checkout flow.

Profile Card

Looking for a way to promote yourself and grow your Social Media Presence? This is a small profile card I designed for freelancers and bloggers to dispaly on their website.

Let visitors find you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram, as well as adding a contact me button that you could link to Email, or allow people to schedule calls with you via Calendly

We’ve also seen a few of our clients who use ‘Account Manager’ support on there platforms, integrate this.

Automated Messages

Communication is key. From Updates, Welcome Back Messages, to Company Wide Messages, being able to communicate your messages, updates and on-boarding to website visitors is a great tool.

So we built Automated Messages, to allow you to do just that. You can even add custom parameters like {firstName}, {Company} and {customParameters} can be sent via our API

Engagement Hub

Engagement Hub is a widget that brings everythign together in one clean hub.

On the left hand side, we’re focused on helping our users be successful with our app and updating them on our most recent updates, as well as providing links to our Knowledge Base and Youtube Channel.

On the right, this is for visitors who have not yet signed up, giving them a discount code and also telling them about our latest features, tools and releases.

Triggered Video

Video is booming! Now you can integrate videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Loom into your website and use our Custom Triggers to help onboard, educate and explain your product and features.

Reviews Promotion

A minimal sticky card that is always visible and appears at the side of your page, we pull in your reviews from Facebook, TrustPilot and other platforms (mentioned above) and display your total review count to build trust, social proof and increase conversions.

Click To Tweet

Embed Click to Tweet directly into your Blog, so you can promote Quotes, Statistics and Facts. When a visitor clicks this, we’ll inject this text into Twitter and with the click of a button the user can share this and link back to your article.

Content Locker

Want to embed virality into your app or website? Now you can lock premium content, features and pages with the content locker. Ask for a Share on Social Media to unlock the content

Content Locker Widget

Yes or No Card

This widget allows easy segmentation of your visitors, so you can redirect to specific pages based on responses. Clean, Minimal, Powerful.

Upcoming Widgets

I also wanted to share some action of what’s going on behind the scenes, and what you can expect to see from us in late 2019, and early 2020.

Viral Waiting List

Embed a viral waiting list, into your website for new features and products.

Not only does this help you build a mailing list, so when you launch you have a list of eager prospects ready to signup.

You can also achieve explosive growth, as after the user has requested access, they’ll be asked to share your page in order to skip the waiting line

Affiliate Promotion Widget

Have an affiliate program? Lets face it, we would all like more referrals. Now you can promote the unique affiliate code to your users, and prompt them to share.

Exit Intent Survey

One of our most popular tools, this allows you to capture feedback from users who abandon your website and understand the exact motivation for not completing a purchase.

These insights are worth their weight in gold, and we’ve tripled our conversion rate based on responses from this tool!

Support Widget

Not directly related to growth, but certainly helps with customer retention to have an integrated way to deliver customer support. Easily categorise incoming messages to the right team and streamline your support process.

Onboarding Widget

With the onboarding widget, you can tell Notifia to track specific events within your app for example ‘Setups up Campaign’ then ‘visits analytics page’ this will automatically be tracked by us and will tick off each step in your onboarding flow in real time based on the activity each individual user has taken on your platform.

Feedback Widget

Get feedback on your User Experience and products and seamlessly collect reviews and ideas to improve, based on what your customers are saying

Segment Widget

Don't be confused by the similar design to our onboarding widget. The is designed to be displayed on your landing pages to anonymous visitors, they can select options that apply and you can then redirect to the exact page/funnel that matches their interests.

So that’s it from us, I hope you love all the new designs widgets and styles! If you’re not using Notifia yet and would like to get access to all our tools for $9/month as part of the black friday say you can get started here: Get Started