So, I’ve got another update for you! Now that we’ve got most of our back-end changes out the way, our primary focus is back to designing some more beautiful widgets & styles.

Here’s a few designs/prototypes that we’ve built and will be passing over to your engineering team to build, and release in the Platform.

Call to Action Widget Designs

So here’s a few designs I’d like to share for the Call to Action Widget Illustrations, I think they’re far more beautiful & engaging which is likely to drive more action and clickthrough (once these are built, I’ll pull some data in to back this up) the illustrations will be customisable and dynamically match the background colours you assign to the widget.

Call to Action Popup - Example 1
Call to Action Popup - Example 2

I’ve also spent sometime building out colour palettes for the Call to Action Widget and wanted to share a few examples of what you can make, hopefully giving you some inspiration.

Ok, next up we have some new styles & designs for the Exit Intent Email Collection

Email Collection with Illustration

Here we have an Exit Intent Email collection with illustrations, I think the design here is engaging and very beautiful - and of course, the colours are fully customisable (just in-case Neon Pink isn’t your thing 😉)

Next up, we have a more professional looking email collection pop-up, again you can upload your Custom Background images and adjust text, size and colours to match your brand style. We’ve also added 2 CTA’s, this allows you to use reverse psychology principles

A variation on the widget above, this allows email collection with first and last name fields. Again, very professional style perfect for Enterprise focused clients.

Next up, with have a very clean exit-intent pop-up with Image at the side.

and a smaller side pop-up variation this allows an image, email collection and Facebook/Twitter sharing - perfect for blogs!

The Conversion Bar

I’m moving our focus on releasing a few more Conversion Rate Optimisation focused tools for our eCommerce, SaaS and Business users. These tools will help to increase conversions & opt-ins through urgency. HEre’s an example I put together of a discount code Stick Bar, with a countdown timer for collecting emails!

Next, we have a new ‘Clean design’ off the Large Call to Action Widget (again, colours for buttons, background and text is completely customisable.

and a more funky Large Call to Action with illustrations

Discount Promotion

New 2 new styles available for the Promotion Card - as you can see, we’re trying to stick to different style variations and will roll these styles out across all of our widgets to ensure you can match the branding of your websites Style & Feel across all Notifia Widgets.

Contact Us Widget

Here we have a design for our new widget the contact us button, allowing you to offer integrated support from your application.