Hey everyone - we've been working like crazy to bring you 7 new tools within the Notifia Marketing Suite.

Product Promotion Card

Product Promotion Card is a beautiful pop-up to promote new products and special offers across your site - you can display reviews to build trust and drive traffic to product pages to increase sales.

Profile Card

Promote your Online Presence with our new Profile Card ideal for Freelancers, Bloggers or Customer Support - Link out to Social Media Pages, Calendly Links, Contact Us Pages or pretty much anything else!​

Special Offer Announcement

Special Offer Announcement is a new style of Email Collection, perfect for Checkout Abandonment - list your key benefits in a clear and beautiful design.

Blog Promotion Card

Reduce bounce Rates and Promote your latest Blog Posts, Articles and Feature Announcements.

Triggered Videos

As promised - Automated Video Notifications are now live! Deliver seamless onboarding/educational videos within your app or simply promote your Youtube channel.

Lead Magnet

Another Lead Generation Tool - Setup a Lead Magnet on your site giving an enticing offer such as an eBook, Research Notes, Case Studies in exchange for your visitors email address!

NPS Surveys

Finally, you can now understand your Net Promoter Score with Notifia - a simple tool for understanding how many customers are raving about your service!

In Other News...

We've had a development restructure and will moving from Waterfall to Agile/Scrum Development from Monday. We'll be running weekly development sprints to help organise our development pipeline and share exactly what will be built every week.

Every Monday morning, we our engineering team will meet and prioritise tasks for the upcoming week, this build more structure into our development pipeline and helps us release features even faster!

Our current focus is building our User Permissions functionality, so you'll be able to invite Guests (clients), Users and Admins to your campaigns.

so that's it from me! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!