How to Optimise your website for Conversions? I've spent the past 6 months focusing on my Conversion Rate Optimisation Skillset, I've read hundreds of Online Articles, Books and ran experiments left right and centre.

This is a direct, to the point summary from all my notes on how to optimise your website. So far, I've managed to double the conversion rate of Notifia free trial Signups from 1 Experiment alone!

Getting Started

  • Hotjar - For understanding users on your site, uncovering hidden issues and analysis your website.
  • Google Analytics - For gathering hard data on Traffic, Time on Page and setting up Goals.
  • Notifia - For Conversion Rate Optimisation, Exit Intent Surveys, Testing Social Proof, Discount Announcements, Coupons and Collecting Emails.
  • Google Optimize - For creating experiments, A/B Tests and Multivariates.

Starter Points

There's a misconception that you need huge amounts of traffic to start A/B testing. You don't, you just need longer to measure, and is a small business it's going to help to run bigger tests that are likely to have dramatic results (for better, or worse).

Stop changing Button Colours, Shadows and making minimal adjustments. Be bold in your testing! Change your Landing Page Layout, Completely rewrite the entire landing page copy, make your text simpler and easier to digest, make your landing page shorter.

The are bold changes, that are going to deliver some impact (either Increase, or Decrease) the thing to remember with A/B testing is you either Win or Learn. You're either going to Increase Conversions, or you're going to know your visitors don't respond well to something - either way, these are great lessons to learn and unlock more opportunities for Growth.

Setting Up

Ok, so now let's actually start the first thing we're going to do is make sure.

Google Analytics is correctly setup, we have a Goal in mind - lets say "Increase Free Trial Signups to Notifia" for this we have 4 steps.

  1. User visits our Website
  2. User Creates an Account
  3. User Selects a Plan
  4. User Enters Card Details

We want to track, and measure which stage of the funnel most of our users are dropping off at, what % of users create account? What % of users open the Input Credit Card box but don't finish the form? These are all very important pieces of information that we need to know.

Whatever stage of your funnel has the highest drop off (The Leakiest Hole in your Bucket) this is the priority for us.

We will start with "User Visits our Site", we have a 3.97% Account Creation rate, which is ok, however 96% of users who visit our site aren't taking action - which means we've got plenty of room to improve on this.

Here's our current Landing Page

Good Points

  • Contains Social Proof
  • Bold Headline that instantly explains benefits
  • Subtext is also clear and concise as the what we offer.
  • Website design is nice & clean

What can be Improved?

  • No live example of all features
  • No Explainer Video
  • No Reviews/Testimonials
  • No Demo without adding CC
  • No Social Proof of people using this Software
  • This bottom section text can be improved
  • This shouldn't say "Revenue" and Screenshot can be larger
  • I also don't like Footer Section, colours and Text can be improved as well as showing some Security Logos and reviews. is my own business - but the whole time I'm reviewing the website I'm thinking to myself...

Would I Buy from this website?

I'm looking at it through a Customers Eyes (I'm in the target market for Notifia) and thinking to myself, would I claim a Free Trial if I landed on this website? If the answer is no, I need to think - why not? what's it missing? and this is how I come up with new ideas for tests.

Then I will log all the ideas for optimisations on the page - I will then rate them on a scale of 1/5 as to what I believe the "Impact" of this experiment will be. If it's just a small change, then most likely it will be a very small impact, I also list the time duration expected to implement this experiment for Marketing & Engineering teams.

This is a simple way to prioritise experiments, you want to prioritise what's likely to have the largest impact on Conversions, with the least amount of execution time required.

This is a basic framework to manage all of your experiment ideas, and execute accordingly.

How to get ideas for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) experiments

Review Your Own Site

I've just gone through my landing page, I've reviewed what I believe can be improved based on my experience and best practices. But essentially, it's still a guess that this is going to improve conversions.

Review Competitors Website

Compile a Database of all your competitors (We have over 700+) - visit their websites, see what you like, what you don't like, elements they are using checkout flows, wording, pricing, images, special offer etc. This should give you hundreds of ideas for A/B Tests.

Survey your Visitors

People often don't look at feedback as a Tool for Growth, but it really is - what's more powerful that understanding exactly why someone isn't purchasing from you? You can then address these issues to remove all friction & concerns from your website.

Here are a few ways to gather user Feedback effectively

Notifia - Exit Intent Survey

Install this on your Landing Page & Pricing Page. When a user goes to exit your website (Instead of singing up and taking action), we trigger this widget which is asking for the exact reason your visitor isn't purchasing.

Users will always fall into one of these 7 categories, we'll collect this data and send it directly to you - if you start to see a trend for example

40% of all submission contain "I'm not convinced the product Works

You should focus on addressing this by creating Testimonials, Reviews and Video Testimonials showing how your product has benefited your existing user base.

and so on, everytime you uncover a trend in why visitors aren't converting, you need to think of ways to address this.

Combat Visitor Concerns

I Don't Understand It

  • Change your Website Text
  • Give more advanced sub-pages explaining all features you offer
  • Create Explainer Video
  • Simplify website text (as if you're trying to explain to a Drunk Moron - I don't think of users as Drunk Morons, but it's better to use simply, digestible language rather than Tech Jargon and Buzzwords)

I don't need it

  • Perhaps this user isn't in your target audience, in which case you need to adjust your Marketing Targeting.
  • If you're certain this user is in your target market, changing your website text will help to explain to this user why they need your product.

I'm not convinced the product works

  • Testimonials & Reviews
  • Case Studies
  • Try offering a Money Back guarantee (in case your product doesn't work, the buyer won't lose out)
  • Video Testimonials
  • Give a Product Demo

It's Too Expensive

  • Adjust Pricing
  • Give the user more for there money (More Features, a Free EBook that's usually paid)
  • Adjust Text To explain the value of your product to validate your price
  • Use Coupon Codes / Special Offers
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee if they aren't happy.

I Want To Think About It

  • Offer a Call with one of your sales staff to ask if they have any questions or if there's anything you can help with
  • Give the user an easy way to get in touch with you Live Chat, Phone Support
  • Let the prospect know you're available if they have any questions/need any support.

We Will Explore This In Future

  • Try to book in a Demo (via Calendly) to get something locked in the Calendar
  • Try to find out when they would like to revisit this, set an email to Auto Follow Up.
  • Offer Limited Time Promotions to leverage the Fear of Missing out and get users to signup immediately.

I Need More Information

  • Change Website Text to Explain the Product Better
  • Follow up with the user, find what they would like information on specifically, write blog posts, support articles, make videos or whatever it takes to communicate this information to your users.


Full-Disclosure: I'm an ex-Hotjar employee however I'm no longer affiliated with the business - just a massive fan of the Product & Tools they offer.

Session Recording

Record Screens of your users and see exactly how they are interacting with your website (Don't worry - all Sensitive Data is Censored)


This is showing "What are people clicking on?" as you can see, the place that's red is a link to our Pricing Page.

Scroll %

Ok, this is a very interesting one and a perfect example of why Google Analytics just isn't enough. Here's a Screenshot of Notifia's Old Landing Page.

As you can see, only 50% of people made it past the first CTA. That is a problem.

  • It means we're not capturing the users attention.
  • Not convincing them to keep scrolling with our messaging
  • They feel Notifia isn't right for them

To address these issues, I completely rewrote the landing page for more direct, explainable sales copy.

Now after surveying maybe 100 responses, you'll have a bit of a trend on website usability issues that you can combat.