Pre Launch

  • Create a Viral Share where users get early access when they share
  • Send an email to your mailing list
  • Write about the upcoming feature and collect emails
  • Create a YouTube Video on the Upcoming Feature


  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Story


  • Share on Facebook Page
  • Share on Facebook Groups


  • Share on Twitter
  • Retweet from all accounts


  • Create video of new feature in action and how to setup


  • Share on Product Hunt
  • Share on Hacker News
  • Share on Indie Hackers
  • Share on Growth Hackers


  • Send message with Lemlist with example of new feature
  • Send Email Newsletter
  • Send Email 2 weeks later with all bug fixes/updates


  • Share on LinkedIn
  • Reshare from other LinkedIn Accounts
  • Republish Article on LinkedIn
  • Share Video On LinkedIn


  • Write a Blog Post on the Feature
  • Write Support Article
  • Get Video of the feature in action
  • Get a screenshot of the video
  • Create Blog Post of 5 uses for the feature

Competitor Marketing

Find Competitors that offer similar feature and target via

  • Twitter
  • Email

Influencer Marketing

  • Get Influencers to promote
  • Try to find someone to guest post


  • Share Launch on Reddit
  • Share Video on Reddit

Finishing up

  • Once content has been written up, follow Post Promotion