Building trust is known to be one of the largest factors for closing a deal in sales, if someone doesn’t trust you, they will not buy from you. The same applies to your Websites Conversion Rate in Digital Marketing, establishing your website as a trusted, legitimate service provider and leader in your industry will Skyrocket your conversion rate.

Obviously, it’s much easier said than done. Some great ways to achieve this are utilising reviews, case studies and testimonials (Video testimonials work particularly well).

Today, we’re going to focus on reviews - there’s been a huge trend in third-party review platforms like Google Places, Trustpilot,, G2 Crowd, Capterra and many other review platforms for specific industries.

Of course the App Store, and Amazon also utilize reviews for rankings as they know customers convert better on highly rated products.

Using Reviews could generate up to 44% additional revenue per year
77% of UK Shoppers look at reviews before making a purchase decision
Have a Trust Box or Badge can improve sales conversions by up to 60%
Reviews showing next to search results can improve click through rate up to 17%

Source: Trustpilot

These are just some quick statements I’ve pulled in from Trustpilot, as they have huge volumes of reviews data to analyse and test results.

The most interesting fact here, is that “a Trust Box or Badge can improve sales conversions by up to 60%”. As you’re embedding from a third-party site like Trustpilot, Facebook generally pages that people trust and recognise, they are more inclined to listen to reviews and be influenced compared to just adding review text on your website saying “5****** XYZ said this about us

The other problem is that your reviews can easily be spread out over multiple platforms, particularly for eCommerce, Apps and Software.

So we started working on a solution (two actually)

Reviews Feed

This neat little widget will automatically pull in your company reviews from Facebook, Google, Apple AppStore, Trustpilot, G2 Crowd and Capterra and display them to website visitors.

It updated in real-time, and you can easily set it to filter and display your top reviews first. It will also link back to the original, third-party platform the review was pulled from to allow your website visitors to read the full review, and further increase trust in your brand.

Reviews Badge

Similar to the Trust Icons/Badges we mentioned earlier, here’s our latest version that will summarise your reviews from all the platforms listed above and compile them together to show a complete overview of all the reviews you’ve received consolidated together.

Social Proof is extremely powerful here, so by adding up your reviews across all platforms it further increases trust & conversions for your website.

Rather than appearing as a pop-up, this widget is a stick badge, that will appear at the right or left hand side of your page and will always be visible to your visitors on the pages you select.

I’m thrilled with both of these widgets, we’ve ran some beta tests across eCommerce platforms with a few clients of mine, and the results have been impressive, to say the least.

You can expect to see these in your Notifia dashboard in the coming days as we roll out for beta, and I feel these are extremely powerful additions to our suite of tools to Convert, Engage and Retain visitors.

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