One thing every, and I mean every business struggles with is turning website visitors into leads & sales opportunities!

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the term for solving this problem - by making small, but powerful optimisation to your website that're going to help turn your website visitors into leads.

I've worked with thousands of websites over the years, and wanted to give away a few optimisations that can be setup & implemented within a couple of minutes to help you acquire more leads!

Email Collection

When it comes to Lead Generation, collecting Emails is your best friend. This is a great sign of positive intent, the user is interested in what you're offering and is allowing you to nurture them over the coming months to convert them into a customer.

Honeypot Method

To Incentivize users to hand over their email, offer something in exchange - an extended Free Trial, a Discount Coupon, an eBook or Case Study - something that deliver some value to the user will dramatically increase the number of eMail Leads your receive.

You can use this Marketing Strategy almost anywhere on your Website, Landing Page, Blog Posts to collect leads on Autopilot.

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Exit Intent

Another great weapon in your Lead Generation arsenal is Exit Intent; When a user goes to abandon your website, trigger a behaviour Driven Popup that will attempt to collect an eMail from your visitor - you can then add to an Email Automation Campaign automatically to nurture the lead, and convert them into a paying customer.

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Collecting Phone Numbers

Have a Sales Team that needs a constant flow of Warm Telephone Leads? Look no further. Add a Click to Call Widget to your website offering Website Visitors a Free Callback.

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We can also add some 'Digital Psychology Principles' such as Social Proof & Fear of Missing Out.

Social Proof

Social Proof is an exceedingly powerful way to instantly increase your number of opt-ins, leads and sales.

Essentially, everytime we receive a New Lead, Conversion, Signup or Sales Notifia will automatically track this and display it back on your landing page for all website visitors to see.

This is a Digital Persuasion Tactic proven to

  • Increase Trust
  • Inspire Visitors to Take Action (Humans feel more comfortable when they see others taking action first)
  • Leverage the Fear of Missing Out (When people see hundreds of people signing up for something, they are instantly interested and think 'What am I missing out on?' we can leverage this to Increase your Leads.
  • Social Proof Notifications impact Lead/Sales by 15% on average.
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So there you go! 4 Super Fast optimisations that can be setup in under 5 minutes. All these Website Notifications & Widgets are available for Free at

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