Teach your customers how to succeed using your product. In SaaS and recurring subscription businesses on of the easiest and most effective ways to 2x or even 3x your business is to improve the LTV of your existing customers.

By simply educating your customers how to successfully implement your product, how to use it effectively and receive the most benefit from your service you are ensuring they they maximise their ROI which also maximises your chance of retaining your customers for further revenue from them.

Seriously, you would be an idiot not to do this. The actual content you are reading now is essentially me trying to educate people (particularly my customers) on how to effectively market a business and earn money online.

Whilst this content raises a lot of awareness for Notifia through SEO, Social Sharing etc I truly believe this content works best for retaining my customers by educating my readers how to be successful online and creative ways to use our products to benefit their brand.

💡 Teach Customers to be Successful with your product.