If you are running an eCommerce store, or any website for that matter. Website Widgets are a great tools to easily add Engaging functionality to your website.

What’s a Website Widget?

Essentially a Website Widget is a functionality, feature or element that appears on your website (loaded via a third-party) for example Embedding Content via Instagram onto your Website would be achieved using the Instagram Widget.

What’s the purpose of Widgets?

A widget has been built for the purpose of making it simple, and easy to add specific functionality onto your website. Technically you could build and design any widget yourself however you would need to design, code and manage the widget.

A few examples of widgets you’re probably familiar with already are

  • Weather Widgets (Show off the local weather in your area)
  • Live Visitors / Total Hit Counts
  • Local time in your area

When you see things like this, it’s usually being embedded onto the website via a third-party plugin or ‘widget’. One of the biggest selling points for widgets, is that you don’t need be a developer, or even technical. Developers have done all the hard work, and made it possible to install widgets onto your Website, in the click of a button!

There are thousands of widgets our there, we’ve built about 30 ourselves and spent thousands of hours researching and testing the best Widgets & Plugins on the market. So we thought we would share them with you today!

Instagram Widget

Using the Instagram Widget, you can embed your Instagram Content Directly onto your Blog or any Website Pages. The post is also fully-interactive, so you can like, comment and follow without needing to visit Instagram directly as long as the user is logged in to Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

#Followmeto St Paul’s Cathedral. I lived in England for more than 7 years. Very few people know that I finished with a degree of Civil Engineering at Imperial College London. Yes yes, Engineering, not art :). Last week was actually the first time I visited St Paul’s cathedral. I was stunned by the magnitude and beauty of this icon on the London skyline. @honorglobal #HONOR20series #CaptureWonder ................🇷🇺Я жил в англии более 7 лет. Не все знают что по образованию я Гражданский Инженер и закончил Империал колледж. Да, да вы не ослышались, инженер :) Только неделю назад я попал в одно из главных исторических мест Лондона ! Меня поразило величие и размах, в нем чувствуется история и сила. 🇷🇺

A post shared by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann) on

You can also explore some other tools like Instafeed or Embed Social who offer more flexibility for supporting Instagram Feeds, Carousels and Stories.

Social Proof

One trend I’m sure we’ve all noticed over the past few years is the use of Social Proof Widgets across eCommerce, Travel, Courses, Lead Magnets and everything in between.

Solopreneurs to Billion Dollar Startups like AirBnb are adding Social Proof widgets to increase trust & sales.

Social Proof widgets will listen to activity being taken on your website on can display this back to your other website visitors as proof that other people are taking action on your website. This increases trust, and also prompts the fear of missing out!

If you would like to get started with Social Proof Widgets, here’s a few providers worth looking at

Social Proof is an excellent way to increase trust and conversions, and the average conversion uplift is around 15% with some users reporting up to 300%

Reviews Promotion

Reviews have long been known as a highly-effective ways to increase trust & sales on your website.

It’s become extremely popular to use third-party widgets to embed reviews on your website to increase conversions. Widgets will allow you to embed reviews from Facebook, Trustpilot, Instagram, Google, AppStore and many, many more.

Rather than you needing to constantly update your website with the latest reviews, the widget will take care of that for you. On top of that, it looks even more genuine that these reviews are being verified by a third-party service.

If you would like to get started promoting reviews on your website, here are a few recommended tools

These services cover a wide variety of review cases, and help you pull from multiple platforms automatically. At Notifia, we pull your reviews automatically from Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, AppStore, Capterra or G2 Crowd!

Opt-Ins & Lead Magnets

Opt-Ins are pop-ups that allow users to opt-in to receiving your newsletter. Essentially it’s a user giving permission to contact them, after they have left your website.

Email Opt-In Example

What to look for in a good Opt-In/Email Collection Tool?

  • Good Design or Customization
  • Behaviour Driven Triggers like Exit Intent, Time on Page, Scroll % and other targeting
  • Fast (You don’t want to slow down website performance)
  • Integrations to sync your Emails to Mailchimp or other Email automation tools

Just to be clear, these aren’t email sending tools. They are to help you build your email list and sync across to your email sending tool.

Here’s a few of the best options we've come across

All of these options offer a wide variety of tools & features. It really comes down to your preference and pricing. It’s also possible to integrate these tools onto any website.

Exit Intent Survey

Exit Intent surveys are an exceedingly useful tool, and probably one of the least used on this list due to not being popular (yet!). For eCommerce stores, this is arguably the most valuable piece of information you can collect from visitors who didn’t purchase - “What stopped you from purchasing today?”

With Exit Intent Surveys, whenever someone abandons your website without completing a purchase, you can display a pop-up just like this

Exit Intent Surveys

Once you start receiving responses, you can analyse your first 100 responses and see which % of visitors fall into each category, which tells you exactly why your customers aren’t converting and where you need to improve.

Here are some Platforms that offer Exit Intent Survey Widgets

I believe Exit Intent Surveys are an absolute must have for any eCommerce Store, SaaS or Services Website - there’s nothing more powerful than truly understanding your visitors.

NPS Score Cards

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a rating of 1-10 on how likely your users are to recommend your app/service to their friends, family or network.

Using a Scorecard, you can ask your users to rate your app from a scale of 1-10.

  • 0-6 = Detractor
  • 7-8 = Passive
  • 9-10 = Promoter

Detractors - aren’t happy customers.

Passive - They are satisfied

Promoter - Active brand ambassadors

Of course, it’s not possible to have everyone in the 9/10 score. But, you can certainly find out why customers rate you 9/10 and anyone who doesn’t you can understand what it would take to turn them into brand ambassadors for you!

Very powerful stuff

Here’s a few companies that offer NPS Surveys Tools for your Website

Live Visitor Counters

You may think of this as just being a way to show off your Website Traffic, and the type of thing you used to see on a Bebo page (for anyone who remembers those!) however, displaying a real-time live visitor count on your eCommerce store can be a great way to lead to increased conversions - especially when you incorporate a low-stock warning Notification!

Live Visitor count image

Here are a few Service Providers for Live Visitor Count

Call to Action Cards

Getting traffic to your site is one thing, directing that traffic seamlessly to purchase is another! That’s a job for Call to Action cards where you can trigger a pop-up with a button attached based on your visitors behaviour and interaction with your app.

For example, user reads 70% of blog post: Display Call to Action Promoting most recent blog post

Here are a few Services that will allow you to Add Call to Actions to your website!

Countdown timers

Countdown Timers are a great way to trigger Emotional Marketing on your website. By leveraging the Fear of Missing Out with exclusive offers & countdown timers, you can drastically increase your Conversion Rate.

Countdown Timer Widget by Notifia

When you are using Countdown Timers, make sure to be authentic and don’t overdo it as it will affect credibility. Offer genuine Limited Time Only offers, and make sure you are using a Countdown Timer that allows you to set an end date, rather than constantly counting down from 5 minutes. Many visitors are savvy to this form of marketing, and will refresh the website page to see if it resets the countdown.

Service Providers that will offer Countdown Timer Widgets for your Website

Reminder Widgets

Rather than just asking for an Email Address to ‘Join our Newsletter’ what about scheduling reminders automatically to visitors who aren’t ready to convert yet, but will be interested in future?

This is particularly useful for businesses where Budget planning comes in to play, and they may want a reminder in Q2 when they are ready to explore new services.

Here’s an  example of the Remindee reminder widget that will display when a user abandons your website, asking if they would like to schedule a reminder to come back and visit you.

Discount Code Popups

Checkout Abandonment is a major issue for eCommerce Business. 41% of consumers have abandoned a checkout in the past year. Source: SaleCycle

To help reduce cart abandonment Discount Coupons can be used when a user attempts to abandon your checkout, you could offer 20% off or Free Shipping. Sometimes, all it takes is that little extra boost to make your visitors, convert into customers.

Exit Intent Checkout Abandonment

Subscription Offboarding Widgets

Subscription Churn is a killer for SaaS companies, however most people underestimate just how much subscription churn can kill your business, or how much it can help you grow!

  • Avoidable Customer Churn is costing US business $136 billion a year
  • Reducing Churn from 5% to 2.5% would double your revenue, without acquiring a single new customer.

As a Subscription company, your number 1 focus should be on retaining your customers, rather than acquiring new ones. Once you’ve built a fail-proof Churn Reduction System, then you’re in a position to scale.

There’s no point firing money at Acquiring customers, if they’re frequently churning.

Churn Reduction Widget

Using Widgets to reduce Subscription Cancellations means you can retain customers automatically, as well as receive valuable feedback on what motivated the customer to cancel in the first place so you can further improve your product

Churn Reduction Widgets

Failed Payment Notifications

12% of your monthly credit cards will fail. You can use tools like Churnbuster and they will register Failed Payments and send automated follow up emails to your customers on your behalf to help collect new payments.

But what about an integrated solution in your application? So whenever a failed payment occurs, you can add a Pop-up, Update Credit Card Widget or Access Blocker based on the users Subscription Status? As well as delivering in-app notifications like ‘ Your Card is about to expire!’

Baremetrics Payment Recovert System

Content Lockers

Have a great article, premium piece of content like a case study or eBook? or even restricting early access to embed virality into your app!

Content Lockers allow you to block certain parts of your website, unless the user shares an article.

For example, if a user views 3 articles, you could block and ask for a share in order for them to keep viewing. You need to be smart about how you use them, as you don’t want to overdo it and ruin the User Experience. But when you have a piece of high-value content the user is motivated to read, this is a very powerful way to increase readers and gain organic referrals.

Click to Call Widgets

Simplifying a Sales Process is always going to leads to better sales. Rather than needing a prospect to schedule a call, find your phone number and dial in which still causes friction. Instead, with the click of a button you can allow your Website Visitors to ‘Click to Call’ and automatically be connected to one of your Sales Team?

This can also be used for Custom Support, and you can implement countdown timers with things like ‘Get a Callback in 5 Minutes’ these leads can then be sent directly to your Sales Team and synced to your CRM.

Gamification Widgets

Gamification the application of Game Playing ‘Point Scoring, Competition’ applied in Online Marketing. By building interactive content to encourage users to interact with your product or service.

Here’s a great example of some email Gamification Tools, in fact Gamification is so good it doesn't even seem like it’s an email opt-in!

Social Share Widgets

Making a Blog or focusing on Content Marketing? You need some Social Share buttons. Not only does it help with driving increased traffic to your website and driving awareness, people are far more likely to engage with content shared by their friends this also helps with Search Engine Optimization as Google tracks share counts of articles as a ranking factor for popularity!

Social Share Bar

Blog Promotion Widgets

There are hundreds of ways to promote your Blog, here’s a few guides: 450 Places to Promote your Startup and 100 Blog Submission Directories which are great for driving traffic. But what about your existing website traffic, or users that are visiting other blog posts?

That is a job for Blog Promotion Widgets. You can set this up manually, or automatically update from RSS feed and it will automatically pull the latest blog post from your website and promote it to your audience.

Blog Promotion Card

I would suggest using a trigger such as ‘User Scrolls 80%’ on another blog post, and then we ask if they would like to read out latest blog post!

We also have simpler designs than this if you don’t want something this snazzy 😉

Website Messages

Automated Website Messages and Notifications are massively underutilized tools and was the original idea behind our name, Notifia.

Website Messages allow in-app communication based on your visitors behaviour. We could target users in a specific country and say Hello in their preferred browser language for example, visitor from France 🇫🇷 would automatically replicace Hello with Bonjour, as well as using things like Custom Events on your website, Pageviews etc.

Website Messages can be used to optimise Acquisition, Onboarding, Revenue, Retention and Referrals as you have complete flexibility with them, the only limit is your imagination - literally.

With Website Messages, you can also use custom tags like {firstName} to deliver a more personalised, engaging experience to your visitors.

For more on use cases and Behaviour Driven Messages Examples: Behaviour Driven Messages: The Complete Guide

Website Messages Popup

Here are a few Service Providers for Website Messages

Whatsapp Widget

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app worldwide, servicing over 1.5 billion users. Rather than offering Live Chat, and custom support what if you allowed support over Whatsapp? There’s a high chance your customers are using it, it sees close to 100% open rate which is almost unheard of in Marketing Communication channels!

 WhatsApp Chat<br> widget for website

Youtube Subscribe Button

Looking to build an Audience on YouTube? Look no further! Add a YouTube Subscriber Widget directly into your Website to automatically promote your YouTube channel and gain subscribers on Autopilot!

Facebook Like Button

Looking to Increase Facebook Page Likes? Add a Facebook Like button on your Blog and throughout your website to help you build your audience!

Image result for facebook like button

Welcome Bars

Another great way to greet website visitors, promote special offers and discount codes is through Welcome Bars. These appear at the top of the page and are sticky, meaning they will scroll with the page and always be visible.

Click to Tweet


Feedback, Feedback, Feedback! Such an underutilized Growth tool, that’s worth it’s weight in gold. Marketers these days are so obsessed about Data Driven, Tracking Everything and testing buttons show radius in A/B Tests (that’s an over exaggeration but still) they completely forget there must valuable source of Data, there customers!

Google Analytics as great for metrics like your Conversion Rate, and knowing how many page views you got last week in the USA.

But for knowing how to improve your product, where to focus your development efforts and how to retain customers, there’s only one data source that you need! Your customers, best of all - most of them will happily share their opinion with you!

One of my all-time favourite books by Conversion Rate Experts: Making Websites Win talks about exactly how to use customers feedback to improve your service, which is why we built a number of the recommended tools into our toolkit!

Viral Waiting Lists

Would you like a way to embed virality into your website? This is an excellent Growth Strategy used by hundreds of startups to build viral waiting lists, launch new products and run giveaways! You can read here how Hotjar implemented this exact Growth Strategy to gain over 60,000 users before even launching!

Using Viral Waiting Lists, you need to entice the user enough to join the waiting list, once they have signed up. On page 2, we display their position in the queue, as well as giving them a referral link, letting them know for every referral we will bump them up one slot in the queue :)

Companies Offering Viral Waiting List Widgets

Facebook Messenger Widget

Facebook Messenger is used by billions! It has frequent reporting of 90%+ open rates, 2-3x that of Email!

With tools like ManyChat, you can also add an element of Automation and Broadcasting to your Facebook Audience as well as collecting new subscribers whenever they comment on your Facebook updates!

All Pricing and Features here were checked on 6th December 2019 - Please check with service providers for price/feature changes before purchasing