I'm Nathan, Head of Growth @ Notifia.io and I've used LinkedIn as a primary acquisition channel for 4 years. I was the most connected LinkedIn user in the UK for 2 years (58,000 connections) I've growth over one hundred LinkedIn accounts and managed hundreds more for various clients across the globe.

I'm going to share from top to bottom, everything I've learned, the strategies I used and teach you how to turn LinkedIn into a Lead Generating Machine. The truth is, I could probably turn this into a course and charge for this, but I'm not really interested in doing this - I get approached by supposed 'LinkedIn Marketing Experts' who quite honestly don't have a clue what they are doing and charge $399 for LinkedIn Profile Optimisation.

This is going to be a very direct, to the point article on how you can use LinkedIn to generate Leads, Sales and open Relationships for your business.

Profile Optimisation


The most simple optimisation - use a high-quality headshot image, I found the highest acceptance rates to come from Professional, high-quality images or photos of Beautiful Women (also known as the Honeypot Method)

I previously ran an experiment with my ex-Girlfriend and out of 1000 connection requests send she received a 64% acceptance rate compared to 41% of a second account.

So from the tests I've ran, beautiful females receive the highest-acceptance rates, followed by high-quality professional looking images.

Profile Headline

List your benefits upfront

  • "Increase Website Sales by 15% in 15 Minutes - Ask Me How"
  • "Generating Relevant Sales Enquiries for Manufacturing Companies across Europe"

Your goal is to spark interest, something that will capture your attention of your target market and in an ideal world they will

  1. Accept your connection request
  2. Be so intrigued by your headline, they will actually contact you!

Of course step #2 doesn't always take place, so then you need to reach out to the prospect - you've been clear and upfront in your headline about what you offer so chances are they wouldn't have accepted the connection request unless there was some interest.


So in the Headline, we've made a bold claim. Now it's time to expand on this showing exactly what we do, how we do it, how they can get more info and how they can get in touch with you.

Example Summary

Follow up from your Headline, we start by asking a rhetorical question where the answers is obviously "Yes!" what Business Owner wouldn't want to increase sales by 15%? (If they don't they aren't in our target market) this peaks visitors interest and inspires them to read on.

Interested to increase website leads & sales by 15% in 15 minutes? We can help. We build Website Marketing Tools that plug directly into your existing site and are proven to engage visitors, increase trust, collect leads and increase sales.

With 15+ Marketing Tools at your disposal you can display verified reviews, real-time Social Proof, Offers Discounts, Exclusive Offers and Coupon Codes, Collect Emails & Phone Numbers, On-board Customers, Increase Social Shares and much, much more...

Now, if this sounds too good to be true, expand on your guarantees that you offer to fight off reservations - in our case it's a Free Trial and a Guarantee to Increase Leads/Sales

Now, all of this comes with a 14-day Free Trial and we offer a Conversion Guarantee (If we can't increase your Sales or Leads by 15+ it's Free!)

Let them know what to do next, give multiple forms of Proof, ways to contact and of course a link to your site!

Ready to get started? Learn why 8,000+ Websites are using Notifia to Increase Sales & Leads.

Job Summary

Of course this is going to be unique for you - however a few strategies that I've picked up over the years. As much as LinkedIn is almost like an Online CV/Resume - we aren't using it for the purpose of job hunting, we're using LinkedIn for Lead Generation so turn your profile into a Lead Generating Machine.

DON'T Make it all about you (Example of a Bad Profile Below)

I focus on getting New Leads and Sales for Notifia by reaching out to users on Social Media and engaging with prospects on Social Media, I build content campaigns and focus on building out new marketing strategies.

DO Make it Customer Centric and focus on what you do to benefit clients

We Focus on building Awesome Website Plugins using proven strategies to influence your website visitors behaviour, engage with website visitors and increase your Leads & Sales on Autopilot.

Since joining the Notifia team in 2018, I've helped 800+ websites optimise their Website Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales & Leads - Will you be next?

You can add a Link back to your site, add a few customer review on your profile and try to get some recommendations from LinkedIn connections that you've worked with.

You can also link out to Case Studies, Explainer Videos, YouTube Content and Guidies.


Not really required, but add some skills that are related to your job and target audience - it will help you get found for keyword in Search Results.

Website Optimisation, CRO, CSS, Websites, Website Management, Website Plugins, Lead Generation, HTML, SAAS

Would be a good example for us but of course this will vary for you 👍


Awesome - your profile is now fully optimised to start generating leads for you!

How to actually Search on LinkedIn!

This is where everyone goes wrong, they have no idea how to properly query LinkedIn!

Assuming you know (or have a rough idea of the job title) of your target audience, you can easily utilise LinkedIn.

For Notifia, I’ll put in “Growth Hacker” under LinkedIn Job titles and simply connect with everyone who matches the search term.

Once that’s done I can also do “Entrepreneur” OR “Digital Marketing” OR “Marketer” OR “SaaS” OR “Founder” OR “Business owner” etc.

This is a great way to build a Network I learnt from my days in Recruitment where I grew my LinkedIn account to over 59,000 connections.

If you need a more specific niche, LinkedIn is perfect for this too. For those of you who don’t understand Boolean Search, here is a quick example of how I would find a Software Developer working in a startup (most likely) who has experience with the Notifia tech stack and has worked in SaaS.

— Job Titles—

(“Software Developer” OR “Software Engineer” OR “Platform Engineer” OR “JavaScript Developer” OR “JavaScript Engineer” OR “Full-Stack” OR “FS” OR “Full Stack”)


— Back End Tech —

(“Node.js” OR “Node js” OR “nodejs”)


— Front End Tech —



— Database —

(“MongoDB” OR “NoSQL”)


— Scalability is something Notifia deals with, so I would search for people who’ve dealt with similar problems in the past —

(“Scale” OR “scalability” OR “high traffic” OR “high load” OR “requests per second”)


— Our Industry —


So your actual Search in LinkedIn will look like this

(“Software Developer” OR “Software Engineer” OR “Platform Engineer” OR “JavaScript Developer” OR “JavaScript Engineer” OR “Full-Stack” OR “FS” OR “Full Stack”) AND (“Node.js” OR “Node js” OR “nodejs”) AND “Angular” AND (“MongoDB” OR “NoSQL”) OR (“Scale” OR “scalability” OR “high traffic” OR “high load” OR “requests per second”) AND "SaaS

This is an incredibly targeted search for a Software Developer with our exact skill set working on Scalable Systems with our exact tech-stack. Now of course, this can be applied to anyone you're searching for. LinkedIn is a public database, write a targeted query in the Search Bar and reach out to the results.

Then I would set the company size to “1-10” and this is most likely a start up, or you can add start up in your boolean search.

And this will narrow down over 200 million profiles on LinkedIn to show us all the people who have our desired skill set, experience dealing with scalability in SaaS companies.

So this is a search I would do for hiring a great engineer, but of course it can be applied to very specific sales. Just enter the type of keywords your target audience is likely to have listed on their profile and let LinkedIn do the work for you.

A quick tip as well, don’t send out a sales pitch in your connection messages. You’ll receive a far lower acceptance rate.

The most effective connection message I send out to this day is:

Hi First Name,
I’d like to add you to my professional Network on LinkedIn.
Nathan Aston

Now, people are naturally very curious about why someone is connecting with them so they tend to do 2 things. Click on my LinkedIn profile, and click on the link in my message.

We aren’t telling them to click or selling them anything whatsoever, but out of pure curiosity they will click the link and view the page. Seeing as your page is highly relevant to them (or at least it should be) you’ll often find they continue down your sign up process and you haven’t even had to send them a sales message yet.

Depending on your niche, this can be automated and scaled.

You can also follow up after with some type of introductory message that you usually would if you wish. But just don’t do it in the introductory message as you will receive very low acceptance rates.

Managing Responses to your Outreach.

To help manage your LinkedIn Outreach strategy, you'll find that you constantly receive the same 6 responses to your outreach, so it makes perfect sense to write up template messages that you can just copy and paste to respond to prospects.

Interested - Ready to Buy

Easy ☺️- I send a link to the site in the initial outreach email so the prospect knows where to sign up. You can address any questions they have but other than that, you've just acquired a new user.


Sounds great, let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

It's probably worth following up in a few days, verify the user actually signed up and ask how they are finding the platform and if they needed any assistance with anything.

Not Interested

Unfortunate - but don't let the relationship go stale.

Not a problem - let's keep in touch anyway, you never know what the future holds and I hope to work with you at some point in future!

Interested - But not at this time

Don't let the lead go completely cold - get something in the calendar. It's incredbily complex to stay on top of a LinkedIn inbox and follow up with all your old prospects so try and get something booked in the calendar to solidify a follow-up.

Ok, great - just to avoid this slipping through the cracks is it worth scheduling a call for a few weeks in future just to get something in the diary?
Our founder said he's happy to run the demo for you and I've attached a link to his calendar: https://calendly.com/notifia/demo

Interested but wants more info

Address any immediate concerns that come up - here's a template response that I use to book a 1-1 call, but I will adjust this according to the users response.

Sounds great - our founder is actually available this week to give product demos! Here's a link to his calendar: https://calendly.com/notifia/demo
It usually only takes 10-15 minutes, and if you're interested in going ahead Nathan can also help you get up and running with your first campaign on the same call.
Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!

Doesn't Understand

Again, if they have any direct questions make sure to address them. Below is a more in-depth overview in case the original pitch didn't quite deliver enough information. Another great thing to add would be an explainer video, testimonials and case studies.

What is Notifia?
Notifia is a full-funnel marketing solution that provides you with prebuilt Notifications that influence customer behaviour.
We focus on influencing 5 key metrics: Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referrals.
It's a tool for maximising Growth, without needing to increase your traffic. We simply help you leverage the most out of your existing visitors, and our average customer sees 35% growth increase within 90 days.


Depending on the response, address any questions and concerns (this is the most varied response so unfortunately it's not really possible to have a template for this.

No Response

For LinkedIn, if you don't receive a response be sure to follow up. Don't go writing paragraphs of content, we're simply bumping this to the top of the prospects inbox. Most people are using LinkedIn on mobile, so you want a short, to the point message.

$first-name - You popped up on my LinkedIn again and just wanted to see if you'd had a second to have a look at Notifia?

That's it! 6 template responses that you can use and adjust in your LinkedIn outreach. You can also hire a VA to manage your LinkedIn account, identify which category the prospect relates to and get them to send a corresponding response - easy.

Targeting Competitors Customers on LinkedIn

Ok, you've made it this far - now I'll release some real Golden Nuggets for Growth Marketing on LinkedIn and a few tools/strategies and techniques that you can use!


Snov is a tool for finding Emails & LinkedIn Profiles. You will need a list of URLs that you would like to Scrape LinkedIn Profiles for, upload these to LinkedHelper and automatically connect and send messages to all of your competitors customers.


Awesome tool - a database of over 370M websites, listing all the website plugins, keywords, niche of the website. You can extract this Data, upload to Snov.io and you have an incredibly targeted Lead List that you can reach out to.

As we're in SaaS, we directly extract oue competitors customers websites and setup Automated Outreach.


Great Tool for Scraping Social Media Profiles from a Website.

So there you have it - have a question please let me know and I'll be happy to help! On top of that, assuming you've read this 2,500 word article you obviously have some interested in Increasing Sales/Leads!

Why not try out website Marketing Plugin that help Increase Website Leads, Sales and Engages website visitors! You can visit us at: Notifia.io