This is a question I receive quite a lot, people are almost shocked to hear it, and I've actually received emails to confirm that it wasn't a typo on our referrals page!

Yes, we offer 50% monthly recurring commission for all sales you you refer!


Because it's fair - In an effort to build an open, transparent and fair platform that empowers honest marketers, I want to echo this culture throughout our entire organisation.

I believe when one of our users, takes the time and effort to invite, share or tell a friend about us - this should be rewarded. I'm a big believer in 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' and want everyone to benefit equally from Notifia.

To further extend on this - we have a small branding snippet in our widgets that's removable. However, if a user decided to leave this on - we automatically attach their affiliate tracking code to the branding meaning they benefit equally. By helping us raise awareness of Notifia and build out the community, I will reward them by offering half of the benefit straight back to our users.

On top of that, my overall goal with Notifia isn't revenue based. I've previously ran my companies in a very 'MRR' (Monthly Recurring Revenue) obsessed fashion, and you - you do grow revenue and earn a big money - but, you sacrifice a lot of things in order to achieve this.

My overall goal of Notifia is to empower 1 Million Website with Honest, Powerful Website Marketing Tools.

If my goal was to make $1 million, then giving away 50% of revenue probably wouldn't be the smartest move, as it would take twice as long. But my goal here is to positively impact as many websites as possible, and having our users assist us with marketing and growth is pretty much the only way to achieve this.

So I hope that helps justify why we offer such a generous commission structure - to answer the question in one simple line: We offer 50% Commission to be fair to our promoters and motivate ambassadors to help us grow 😁

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